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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pheme - Crux

1. Motion Utility (32:14)
2. Crux (1:54)
3. Solace in the Rain (16:27)

Total playing time: 50:36

Cux is a much more conceptual album than any of Pheme's earlier releases, based on the conflict between technology and nature - or a coexistence, if the listener interprets it that way. This album is roughly split into two halves, represented by the long tracks, with an interlude in the middle. "Motion Utility" is the epitome of Pheme's drone work; extensive length, distortion and other ways of processing sound. The track itself is split into two sections with an dark electronica-style beat seperating the two, on a bed of low noise. This is to create the sense that this is the technology-based side to the album. The interlude, "Crux" is the no-man's land, where neither technology nor nature are dominant, but the listener can reflect on the divide. The third and final track, "Solace in the Rain", is a relaxing guitar-based ambient piece, which creates an atmosphere completely distant from the first song, where nature guides the music.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Evergreen Forest - Philosophy of Nature


1. A Storm of Majesty (14:45)
2. A Desert of Furious Winds (15:34)
3. A Maze-like Forest of Perennial Trees (15:14)
4. A Spherical Ocean (15:02)

Total playing time: 1:00:35

On his latest release Evergreen Forest experimented further with his experimental acoustic improvisation meets dark-ambient atmosphere formula. 'Philosophy of Nature' is by far the most experimental Evergreen Forest release thus far and is also the most developed in terms of song structure. The album has a concept of four sides of nature. Each song represents a different side and the album as a whole is meant to suggest that the way in which all natural things work together is like a philosophy. The album begins with the lulling, ambient sound of the beginning of 'A Storm of Majesty' which quickly progresses into faster acoustic guitar and waves of sound and then crosses over into 'A Desert of Furious Winds' which is an eccentric vision of a desert that humankind shall never find with strange birds chirping and winds furiously blowing creating reverberating sandstorm-esque soundscapes. Then onto 'A Maze-like Forest of Perennial Trees', the weirdest and most unsettling song on the album. It moves from almost noise-like sounds at the beginning through lots of experimentation and eventually finishes with the most dark-ambient-like music that Evergreen Forest has created. Vast, terrifying waves of sound that make the listener feel as though they are in an uncharted cave with unspeakable creatures. Finally 'A Spherical Ocean' takes the listener on a relaxing journey under the waves and into the ocean. The laid back soundscapes, psychedelic guitar and shimmering vocals return the listener to a relaxed state before the album fades out with the sound of the oceans waves crashing together.

Pheme - Memory's Shadow


1. Memory's Shadow (24:00)
2. Wastes (22:26)
3. Pond (20:36)

Total playing time: 1:07:32

Memory's Shadow takes Pheme's direction of dark ambient and drone in three seperate ways, in the form of three tracks each clocking in at 20-25 minutes. "Wastes" is a development of the method of slowing sound processed sounds to create psychadelic drone, first seen in the "Blood" tracks on Blood Ice Tunnel. The track itself is made up of three distinct parts. Next, the title track is a very traditional dark ambient piece, simiilar to artists like Lustmord, aiming to create the darkest possible atmosphere by using quiet, low tones and odd sound effects. "Pond" is a completely new style for Pheme, a song influenced by black metal-style guitars, with high-pitched distortion, creating an almost grating sound.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Evergreen Forest - Planetary Rotation

1. Sent From the Wyrd (12:30)
2. The Hartland Woods (5:11)
3. Ancient Streets (4:09)
4. Existence (1:08)

Total playing time: 22:58

This EP consists of 4 rerecorded versions of early demos that Evergreen Forest was not pleased with. The original demos lacked direction, experimentation and most importantly atmosphere but these new versions hopefully make up for that. Each song is based on an old demo but they are all very different to the originals and as such are much more in the style of Evergreen Forest's later releases. 'The Hartland Woods' is a tribute to the forest of the same name from Terry Goodkind's 'Sword of Truth' series of books.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pheme - Blood Ice Tunnel

1. Blood 1 (8:07)
2. Ice (14:51)
3. Blood 2 (13:36)
4. Tunnel (15:36)

Total playing time: 52:12

Blood Ice Tunnel is an important release in Pheme's discography. This is the album where Pheme develops his dark ambient style into the genre of drone, using the method of extensively slowing down various sounds. The "Blood" tracks include psychadelic effects applied to this. "Ice" features long, cold waves of feedback, arguably almost too much feedback! "Tunnel" uses synths that are reminscent of the strings found in melancholic post-rock such as Godspeed You Black Emperor. Blood Ice Tunnel also showcases Pheme's new direction at this time to use few but very long tracks, to give listeners the full extent of the drone experience.

Evergreen Forest - Whispers...

1. Journey Part I (1:27)
2. Whispers (1:07:52)
3. Journey Part II (1:45)

Total playing time: (1:10:59)

This is the first full length release by Evergreen Forest. The main piece of music on this album is the song 'Whispers' that is an ambitious epic which is over an hour in length. It is Evergreen Forest's most ambitious work to date as well as his best structured, most experimental and most atmospheric release. 'Whispers' is also the first Evergreen Forest release to feature extensive use of vocals though Evergreen Forest is still mainly instrumental. The 'Journey' songs set the scene for the main song and act as the introduction and outro to the album. These songs show two different sides of Evergreen Forest's music: the pyschedelic acoustic side with 'Journey Part I' and the dark soundscape side with 'Journey Part II'. The album also has a loose concept which is told in the vocals in 'Whispers'.

Note: The cover art is a photograph taken by Dreogan of the US Pagan black metal band Peordh.

Pheme - An April Mystery

1. Paternal Dawn (10:56)
2. An April Mystery (7:05)
3. Breeze Follower (12:35)
4. Gas Halo (6:28)
5. Blues (6:07)
6. Closing Night 2 (5:48)

Total playing time: 49:00

Created in April 2008, this release moves away from the slow, droning bass heard in the album Lonelight. The first two tracks are more elegant guitar passages, although what could still be considered dark ambient. For the first time, an instrument other than a guitar has been recorded: the track "Blues" features a distorted tuning device. The final track is a return to the frantic build up of mysterious sound first heard in "Closing Night" from the album Hall Ghosts.